Once upon a time, staying current on your favorite shows, movies and local news meant subscribing to an expensive and restrictive cable or satellite plan. These days, a multitude of services and streaming platforms make it easier than ever to cut the cord. Now, the biggest challenge most consumers face when stepping away from traditional cable is sorting through the myriad subscription services to find the one best suited to your needs.

Building Your Own TV Package

Most cable and satellite providers offer a range of packages at varying price levels, all designed to make it easier for customers to access the channels they want. The problem with this system is that, in trying to provide the broadest possible audiences with viable packages, there are often a host of channels you pay for yet never watch. With streaming TV, you’re able to take a more active role in customizing your experience. This independence comes at a slight price, though; you’ll have to do all the research and legwork to compile the perfect set of services.

For some customers, dropping down to a basic cable subscription allows cost-effective access to the high-speed internet you’ll need to stream video, along with local news broadcasts and basic network channels. Others seek to cut the cord completely, relying solely on online providers for content.

Choosing an Internet TV Service

Sticking with a basic cable plan and a Netflix account may be ideal for some customers, but what services exist for those who wish to do away with cable TV altogether?

  • PlayStation Vue โ€“ Despite the name, you don’t need a PlayStation gaming console to access Sony’s PlayStation Vue streaming service. While Viacom channels like MTV and Comedy Central are no longer available through Vue, the service does offer a variety of other popular channels and prestige channels for must-watch HBO and Showtime originals, along with an innovative cloud DVR system, which makes the experience of switching to streaming TV feel seamless and familiar. Personalized recommendation lists give viewers plenty of opportunities to discover new favorites, while adaptive search filters simplify the process of finding a particular show or film.
  • Hulu โ€“ One of the most popular streaming TV services on the web, Hulu now offers a package upgrade that includes more than 50 live TV channels in addition to their staggering catalog of content. These do include local broadcast channels, but much like PlayStation Vue customers, you won’t find Viacom channels among them.
  • Sling TV โ€“ One of the first and most familiar faces in the streaming TV game, Sling offers an affordable and relatively broad selection of channels.

These are only a few of your options, as many channel-specific services and genre-focused offerings are flooding the market with options for cord-cutting consumers. One thing you’ll need no matter which services you choose is fast and reliable internet. Call us today at The Internet Plus Store and let us help you get ready to cut the cord once and for all.