The advantages of ​having a home phone

Many households have abandoned a traditional land line in favor of only relying on their cell phones.  And that works in many situations.  Telecommunications companies are recognizing this and are offering great pricing to customers that just want Internet services.  However, if you are on the fence about whether or not to have a home phone, consider these benefits:

​Emergency situations

Since wireless phones are mobile, they are not associated with one fixed location or address. While the location of the cell site closest to the 911 caller may provide a general indication of the caller’s location, that information is not always specific enough for rescue personnel to deliver assistance to the caller quickly.

​Power Outage

A land line is a necessary back up for a cell phone with a dead battery. This is especially important in cases of lost power and you can not charge your cell phone. Protect yourself against power outages as the cell phones can become useless without electricity.


Did you know that some cellular phones use radio frequencies, which can be easily intercepted? Eavesdroppers use simple devices, (e.g., scanners or other cell phones) to intercept the analog radio waves that carry wireless calls. Then, they listen to your private conversations, write down your credit card information, and find out when you’ll be on vacation to plan their evil deeds! Protect your privacy with a land line!


A land line provides reliable, clear service. This is especially crucial for at-home business/conference calls. Don’t risk a dropped call on a cell phone during an important meeting!


Often, telecommunication companies will offer deep bundling discounts when internet and phone service are on one account. Many times you will pay less or just dollars more for a package vs just Internet service.

Clearly, having a land line in your home provides reliability and valuable advantages.

Here are even more reasons to consider adding this service to your Internet service:

  • Babysitter

  • Medical Device Support

  • Elder Parents

  • Teaching children their home phone number

  • Backup service to cell phone

  • Eliminates need to charge batteries

  • Additional feature functionality

  • More affordable international rates

  • Minimal cost with repair plans compared to cellular

  • Directory Listing/Advertising

  • Vacation Service Option

  • TTY/Disabilities

  • Loved Ones Incarcerated 

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