Are you starting to feel like those 100s of channels you get from your cable company aren’t delivering value for money? Maybe a more streamlined approach is needed to give you the quality entertainment you deserve. It could be time to cut the cable and turn to on-demand services that let you choose exactly what you watch and when.

For a large number of ex-cable customers, streaming content through services such as Hulu and Netflix, accompanied by TV streaming services including DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue, is the way forward. Before you rush to cut the cable, though, you better check that your internet speed won’t let you down. While the recommended downstream speed for streaming is 5 Mbps for HD, that doesn’t account for a large number of devices connected to the same internet service.

Faster Internet, Less Buffering

You don’t want to deal with constant buffering when you’re watching your favorite shows. At the very minimum, you should aim for 10 Mbps, which should give you the option to upgrade if you need more downstream speed. Just be aware that many internet providers may not honor discounts that were based on the original contract if you upgrade. However, for 4K Ultra HD streaming services such as UltraFlix, you are looking at needing speeds of around 25 Mbps. It is important to check internet speed around peak viewing times, which is between the hours of 6-10 p.m.

HD Antennas

Before you start subscribing to streaming services, check for free channels using an HD antenna. Most neighborhoods and areas can access free channels including FOX, NBC and ABC, as well as a host of others. You can even try out an antenna before cutting off your cable. Ask around to see if neighbors are using this method before investing in your own HD antenna. The Leaf Metro and ClearStream Eclipse are two HD antennas that will provide you with excellent reception.

Streaming Devices

You may already own a number of devices that provide access to streaming services. Smart TVs and gaming consoles provide apps such as Netflix and Hulu. Then you also have devices that are specifically designed for streaming, including the Amazon Fire Cube and Roku Ultra. There are a large variety of options to choose from, both in TVs and home entertaining devices, so compare built-in options to find the right fit for your family’s streaming preferences.

Choosing Streaming Services

The number of streaming services available worldwide is unbelievable. You have your well-known services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, and then you have established and much-loved networks, including HBO Now and Showtime (CBS) getting in on the action. For streaming options that are not so well-known, you have WEB TV. These live TV services offer content from channels around the country and the world. Take care to only subscribe to trusted WEB TV services.

The Internet Plus Store can help you when it comes to tailoring internet needs to your home. Call today to learn how we have helped families just like yours cut the cable the right way.