‘Tis the season for… slow internet speeds? Between holiday houseguests and having the kids home from school, you may notice your internet speeds dropping as low as the temperature readings. Speeds that may be more than sufficient under normal use can be far less capable of keeping up with the seasonal demand. If you’re starting the season out with a speed that is already less than ideal, the added strain can make things even more difficult.

Shopping and Streaming and Selfies, Oh My!

You’re scrambling to find the perfect gift ahead of delivery deadlines, at least two devices are streaming video-on-demand and there’s a constant stream of social media chatter coming from the teenagers’ devices. Suddenly everything grinds to a screeching halt as internet speeds struggle to keep pace.

This can just be a sign your family is more connected during the holiday season, but it can also be a reliable indicator you don’t have the right internet plan. If holidays strain the limits of your internet speed, there’s a good chance you’re also noticing slow-downs during other high-demand times. If your binge-watching habits are interrupted by buffering on a regular basis, then it’s not just the added strain of houseguests for the holiday season.

Deck the Halls with High-Speed Wi-Fi

This year, why not give your family a gift that keeps on giving all year ’round with a high-speed internet package tailored to the needs of the entire household? Kids can research a school project or wind down with an online game, teens can scroll through feeds to their heart’s’ content and the grownups never have to miss a moment of their favorite show. Everyone is able to take full advantage of the world at their fingertips, no speed bumps and no untimely lost connections.

Let us help you find the internet speed solution best suited to the needs of your household, holidays and every day. Contact The Internet Plus Store today!