Who could have anticipated the advancements in the simple art of watching television?  Since when Dad’s family was the first in the neighborhood to own a television in 1947, everything about viewing TV has changed:  size, function, choice, clarity, accessibility…  While I will date myself, I can’t help but think of how some of these changes personally resonant:

When my family bought a new color TV, my sister and I were allowed the old black & white.  It was in our bedroom!  Holy cow!  We could watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom while lying in bed (albeit it would have been a little early!)  Or watch Saturday morning cartoons with our gallon bowls of cereal in our laps!  Alas, it was not to be.  In my sister’s excitement, she twisted and turned the channel knob so fast and so hard, it broke.  Our glory lasted about 20 minutes.

Several years ago, our office was broken in to.  The thief made the mistake of trying to haul away our Dish Network cathode unit.  It took two strong people to even lift it.  When this fool figured out it weighed about as much as a baby whale, he tipped it off its shelf – perhaps in frustration.  But that mammoth only suffered one small dent as a result of its crash to the floor.  It probably was the blaring alarm of the security system (Thank Goodness!), but I like to think the TV got the best of the burglar!  Had it been one of today’s razor thin, wall mounted screens, he would have had plenty of time to make his getaway!

While I may seem that I am waxing nostalgic, believe me – I am thrilled with today’s video technology!  Bless Dish Network and the ability to watch a show without ever having to watch a commercial again!